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Product Videos

An effective product video will increase your product sales. Period. End of statement. Let's just end it there. Since a majority of products are purchased online, consumers want to see the product before they buy it. And that means video! 360 degrees around the product, show the product being used, push the button on the handle (since the consumer can't) all while explaining the features in a voice over and emphasize benefits in text. When it comes to online product, consumers are more likely to click on the video before reading the text or looking at the photos. (We all do it)

In fact you'd rather be watching a video right now instead of reading this. So let's get to it! 

"We worked with them for a launch of our newest products. The experience was nothing short of world class. They provided fantastic value for our company. Thanks again for the great work!"

- Sam Whitney (Kyberlight)

A majority of these product videos were produced from The Geekery View TV Show. We also offer non-branded product videos to focus the consumer's attention on your great product! 

"The biggest band for your buck isn't always the best but with Treasure Rock it wasn't a was an EARTHQUAKE! They exceeded my expectations by over 1,000%. They went above and beyond and all inclusive! I am in total AWE of the spectacular service, the scripting, the professionalism and fabulous communication! I WILL BE BACK FOR EACH AND EVERY NEW PRODUCT! Such a pleasure! God Bless You!"

- Ruth Morace (SmartZone)

"Bill and the entire team have been amazing to work with and we have received so much great exposure! We are always very careful as we manufacture Children's Car Seats and other Baby essentials, and we have to be meticulous when showing our products. Their team exceeded our expectations and made sure each and every detail was included and mentioned when filming our product and were sure that every component and function was addressed and in its proper place. KidsEmbrace was so thrilled with the reaction of the videos, that we have asked Bill and his team to review every product we have available to the public!"

- Vincent Mastrangelo (KidsEmbrace)

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