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TV Shows

At Treasure Rock Productions, we love producing TV Shows! And we love to distribute those shows to billions of viewers on Streaming Television around the world. Through our relationship with Television Networks, our shows are streamed on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, LG TV, Comcast, Android TV, Xfinity, XBOX, Cox and the Play Store.

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Our TV shows are distributed to the following Networks. Amazon, Roku, Happy Kids TV, Kartoon Channel, Kabillion, Geek, Living Scriptures, Ameba, BINGE, Battery Pop, YouTube and Vimeo.

Our Shows

Treasure Rock Productions is happy to produce the Mighty Man cartoon series, The Geekery View, Geekery View Gaming, the Bride Idea and Geek Collections.

Mighty Man

Mighty Man Cartoon

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Mighty Man follows the thrilling adventures of a construction hero named Mighty Man and his team of Mighty Wheels trucks, that transform into the powerful Mighty Crew to protect Motor City from a series of construction-themed villains. Including the evil Destructo Boys!


Mighty Man rallies his team with the powerful call, "It’s time to get mighty!"™ Together, they transform and spring into action, ready to save the day—whether it’s helping someone in need, overcoming obstacles, or defeating the bad guys.


The Mighty Crew travels to distant lands, repair destroyed buildings, discover mysterious treasures and meet many new trucks and friends along the way.


Mighty Man is a family-friendly series, offering worry-free watching with delightful characters and an exciting journey of action, humor, heartfelt moments and good clean cartoon fun. Join Mighty Man and his Mighty Wheels on this incredible cartoon series of courage, camaraderie, and mighty adventures! "It’s time to get mighty!"™

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The Geekery View


The Geekery View follows host Bill Rogers as he travels the world for the best geeky products. Who doesn't love geeky product giveaways!? Over the past 5 seasons of episodes, Bill has visited comic cons, interviews geeky people, checks out amazing cosplayers, showcases geek collections and of course reviews many geeky products. Then after the show, Bill gives all of the products away on Social Media. Hundreds of fans have enjoyed winning free geeky merchandise. Join Bill as he explores the best of this geeky world. Join him on The Geekery View!


The Geekery View is a family-friendly series, offering worry-free watching and only reviews products and shows content that is appropriate for all GEEK ages!

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The Geekery View

Geekery View Gaming

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The Geekery View Gaming follows host Jartog as he plays through various exciting video games. Brand new games, old retro games and everything in between! Jartog tests out some video games, while others he will play from start to finish. All while making fun and hilarious commentary. He also gives tips and tricks on how to play the video game at it’s best. 

​For over 12 years Jartog was #1 on the charts of the Original Star Wars Battlefront game. Now he wants to share video games with viewers around the world! Jartog makes sure to keep everything clean while he plays too. To assure that his content is appropriate for all ages to watch. 

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Geek Collections

Geek Collections Vertical Poster.jpg

The best collections on earth!


Join us on our newest Streaming Television Show called, Geek Collections.


Geeks from all over the world submit videos of their best collections for a chance to win our Season Finale Grand Prize. After each episode streams on television, fans can vote which collection was their favorite on Social Media. The collector with the most votes at the end of each season wins the Grand Prize!

Toys, props, screen used items, autographed pictures, replicas, statues, memorabilia and any type of geeky collection you can think of. 

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Geek Collections
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