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Geek Collections

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The best collections on earth!

Join us on our newest Streaming Television Show called, "Geek Collections."


Geeks from all over the world submit videos of their best collections for a chance to win our Season Finale Grand Prize Collectible. After each episode streams on television, fans can vote which collection was their favorite on Social Media. The collector with the most votes at the end of each season wins the Grand Prize Collectible!


Geek Collections is scheduled to start streaming in August 2024 and run for 12 weeks with half hour episodes. It will be available to watch on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, LG TV, Comcast, Android TV, Xfinity, XBOX, Cox and the Play Store to billions of viewers around the world through BINGE Networks, Happy Kids TV, The Geek Roku Channel. 

Geek Collections builds off the fans of The Geekery View show that we produce.

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Can't wait for the season to start? We have some videos of Geek Collections that have already been submitted and are ready to view. Have a Geek Collection of your own and want to be featured on the show? Submit your video below.

That's just a sample of the many Geek Collections submissions! You'll have to watch the show to catch the rest!


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We want to feature YOUR GEEK COLLECTION!!!


What do you collect? Costumes, Cards, Comics, Toys, Posters, decorative spoons? Our fans want to know!!! Send us a video of you showing off your collection, wearing your costumes, playing with the toys and giving us a firsthand look into your collectors life and you could have a chance to be featured! And don't worry, you can film this right on your phone! It works best if someone films you, so viewers can see your face!

We want to show the world how awesome, your collection is! Show us the "Holy Grail" of your collection, tell us the story of unique items, explain how you got some of these items. We want to hear it all!


Submit your video below.

Once you've submitted your video, please also email us at so we can contact you, if we choose you to be featured!


(NOTE: The Geek Collections TV Show will only show clean, appropriate video on Television)

Mighty Man Animated Series

Treasure Rock Productions is glad to produce the Mighty Man animated mini-series. Season 1 episodes, Season 2 episodes and a Christmas Special. This cartoon follows Mighty Man and his team of Mighty Wheels constructions trucks as they battle evil and help save Motor City! 

Mighty Man S2 Poster FINAL.jpg

Mighty Man episodes stream on Amazon, Happy Kids TV, Kartoon Channel, Ameba Kids TV, Living Scriptures, the "Geek" Roku channel and on YouTube and Vimeo.

Mighty Man on IMDB

IMDB Logo.png



1) Video must be horizontal (Please record in HD)
2) Keep language clean and keep clothing modest
3) Be totally your self. We want to learn about YOU & want to see YOU!
4) Videos can be 4-6 minutes long

STARTING THE VIDEO. When you start the video say something that addresses our audience like, "Hey Geekery fans, my name is ... from... and I collect...Today I wanted to give you a tour of my Geek Collection..." ENDING THE VIDEO. Then at the end remind the viewers who you are and thank them for joining you!


TALK. We want to hear what you have to say! During the video, make sure to talk about your collection and give us the details! The nitty gritty!


MAKE IT AWESOME. Since we'll be directing all of our audience to you with a chance to win the Season Finale Grand Prize, make the video awesome, show us your great personality, be creative and have fun!

SUBMIT VIDEO. When you have the video finished, submit the video with the button above.opbox. 

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