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Roku Channels

Treasure Rock Productions helps to produce a number of Television Shows that air nationally across America and stream on Roku. TRP is proud to be involved with the pre-production, production and post-production of these TV Shows. As well as supplying the talent for the host, voice overs and artist for any artwork.

Culinary TV

Culinary-TV is Television That Tastes Good.  Food - It feeds the soul, fuels the body, affects the environment, inspires artists, influences politics and impacts just about every part of our lives.   No matter if you are a Chef, a True Foodie or a Restaurateur, Culinary-TV  has something for everyone.   We bring  you the latest in Innovations, Tastes and Dining Destinations each week.   Each food has a story of its own and each week we explore the tastes, the cultures and the histories of food, kitchens and their chefs. 


In 2017 LUX Magazine recognized Culinary-TV with their Excellence in Broadcasting Award.   LUX is the global luxury magazine, established in 2001.  LUX contributors are drawn from the “zero point one percent” of global lifestyle opinion formers and include CEOs, luxury sector owners, designers, entrepreneurs, and journalists. LUX covers culinary trends, art, entertainment, fashion and travel.

American Outdoors

American Outdoors is the oldest outdoor television show in the United States. Since 1968 American Outdoors has been bringing TV audiences outdoor adventures to include backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing and hunting.

The Geekery View

The Geekery View showcases the best Geek products and then gives them away on Social Media. Tech, costumes, artwork, games, comics, movies and more

Tech Today TV

Tech Today brings you the latest technology that affects your world.  In January 2018 Tech Today made television broadcast history as we produced 13 LIVE half hour broadcasts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which went on to air as 13 half hour episodes on Tech Today.  No matter if it's Big Boy power tools or just Power for your favorite device, Tech Today brings you the latest technology that affects your world.

History of the Gun

History of the Gun is the #1 firearms television show in America.  Each week we look at an iconic firearm of the past and learn how it has evolved to its modern day form.

Welcome Home

The biggest investment you'll ever make (next to your family) is your home.  Each week Welcome Home™ gathers resources from around the nation to help protect and beautify your investment.  From Crafts and Family Fun to a Hobbies and Home Renovations, we'll find the latest in Home Furnishings, Home Decor and Home Improvements to accomplish your goals. 

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