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Bill Rogers

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Bill Rogers graduated from The Art Institute with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Animation. 


HIS GOAL in life is to be a good man and provide for his family. His hope is to be able to use his talents along the way.

HE FOUNDED the following businesses. Treasure Rock Productions, The Geekery View, Quick Draw Services and LOTH hoodies.

HE SPECIALIZES in story development, 2D & 3D animation, 3D Modeling, sculpture, book illustrations, TV Hosting, filming, editing, voice overs. story boards, character
design and animation. Pretty much anything to do with story and design, Bill loves.

HE ENJOYS anything Spider-Man related, bowls of cereal and just about anything chocolate. His favorite number is 62 because that's the year Spider-Man was created. (In fact the white block that this text is on, has an opacity of 62! Fun fact!)​​

Here are some examples of Bill Rogers artwork. 2D, 3D, sculptures, logos and sketches. Bill creates all of his own artwork using traditional paper and pen (yes he likes pen better than pencil) and even works in the digital world of Photoshop, Maya and Illustrator. 

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3D Art
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